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Cactus Book Gift

Cactus Book Gift

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Cactus made from a book, each one has individual paper flowers on top, a choice of 3 different styles to choose from, has a ceramic pot with a bamboo base, each one comes in its own presentation box, great for a: 1st anniversary (paper), a birthday gift, a Cactus fan, as a desk buddy or just because you like it.

🌵 SIZE: (approximate)
Tall Cactus: 18cm Tall x 8 cm wide
Round Cactus: 10cm Tall x 11 cm wide
3 in a pot Cactus: 15cm Tall x 6.5cm wide

The cactus will be made from a random book that I have in stock, these books were destined for landfill so by purchasing you have given them a new life. Please be aware that I have not read the book used and therefore there may be inappropriate language or theme, I do try and eliminate those books that I see but I can not guarantee that it would be free from inappropriate Language of themes.

If you require a specific book then please contact me.

Your order will be made and shipped within 5 working days

Thank you so much for looking

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