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Mini Pig Book Gift

Mini Pig Book Gift

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I love folding and cutting paper! Whilst designing one day I came up with this fantastic idea and put it into practice.

And my mini book Pig was born.

Each Pig is cut from a book (that was destined for landfill, can't have that! So I reclaimed it and gave it a new lease of life)

The book Pig is free standing and looks amazing it will also be the talking point of any room.

Each book Pig will vary depending on the book used but I will try my hardest to make it the same as the photo.

Fantastic for all Pig fans.

Each Pig will be handmade when ordered.

You can have  your Pig with a personalised banner, you can personalise your banner with any name, quote, message, song lyrics, favorite saying, nickname the choice is yours

*REMEMBER * Just add your message when purchasing in the *Note for seller* section, if you forget you can always message me it.

Orders will be handmade when ordered I will contact you once to remind you for the Personalised message on the banner, if I do not hear from you I will send the Pig with a BLANK Banner for you to write your own message on.

Measures approximately 9cm x 7cm

Comes in a beautiful presentation box

Fantastic for any Pig fan.

Each Pig will be handmade when ordered.

Thank you so much for looking
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